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Tätervolk - Deadly Signs - Tätervolk (CD, Album)

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  1. Tygoshakar
    Artist: Tätervolk Album: Discography Year: - Genre: RAC Country: Germany Artist: Tätervolk Album: Discography Year: - Genre: RAC Country: Germany - Nicht ohne.
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  4. Vulmaran
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  5. Ball
    Tatters of the King consists of three fragments connected to the Carcosa Mythos written by Lin Carter and published together in The Hastur Cycle. It lent its name to a Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign. It consists of: Litany To Hastur Carcosa Story About Hali The King In Yellow: A Tragedy in Verse.
  6. Fauzshura
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  7. Vudok
    Artist: Deadly Signs Album: Tätervolk Year: Genre: R.A.C. Label: Boundless Records Country: Germany Format: [email protected] kbps Size: mb Time: (+) lyrics.
  8. Goltibei
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